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Today’s Tip: Be A Gardener

When a gardener looks at the bare ground and sees a vision for a full bed of blossoms they don’t leave, hope, and come back expecting flowers. Instead, they tend to the soil, plant seeds, and nurture them. They know that with care and attention they will eventually grow. This is exactly what entrepreneurs and […]

Today’s Tip: Reach Out And Message Someone

Taking time to reach out with a personal message can make a difference. If you’re having a gathering and attendance has been low, try a personal message to see if it helps.  

Today’s Tip: Meetings Change Lives

I’m not talking about the meetings that should be emails. I’m talking about the meetings with people that might change the course of your life. The meeting that you’re nervous to take because you have to be vulnerable and ask questions that you’re afraid might sound silly. Maybe it’s the a meeting where you are […]

Today’s Tip: Provide Accommodations

As an entrepreneur you know how important customer service is and the smallest accommodation you can offer might be the big difference between you and your competition. When you can offer the extras to your customer and clients you’re reminding them that you are placing their needs at the top of the priority list. When […]

Know When to Grow

Entrepreneurs understand what it means to support one another during the entire business journey. When you start out consider yourself fortunate to connect with others that get what you’re doing and help along the way. Hopefully, you’ll all see each other through growing spurts. However, in reality there will be entrepreneurs that don’t make strides […]

Today’s Tip: Can You Show Your Work?

When you’re an entrepreneur, your work day will look different from the 9-5. Your productivity output will be different that it was in the office. When you have your own business, your typical work days are probably no longer consistently typical. You are not always going to have something to show for the work you […]

Today’s Tip: Take The Meeting

Your time is valuable as a business owner. Meetings take you away from your desk and when you don’t have the outcome you expected, it’s easy to get frustrated because you rearranged your schedule. Remember that you are creating a connection with the person and people you meet. Allow the meeting be a chance to […]

Today’s Tip: Keep Tweaking

I had an appointment the other day and the confirmation message had detailed directions to the location. This extra step from the owner made my experience less stressful and much more enjoyable. You see, the building has many offices and the one I was headed to was around the back and in a corner that […]

Today’s Tip: Start The Rough Draft

When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re probably the only person operating your business. Reaching out for help is vital and encouraged. When it comes to asking other business owners for help, respect their time and generosity. Often, they will be willing to help but because they’re probably buried in work as well, start a rough draft […]

Today’s Tip: How To Work Through An Internet Outage

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a podcast an have an internet outage. Outages are going to happen and while I am a fan of taking advantage of the surprise break, somedays you don’t have hours of time to spare. Have off-line projects ready to go if an unexpected outage happens. Reading […]