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Today’s Tip: Ask About The Email

When we step out of our comfort zone and send an email or other message to a prospective business partner and there isn’t a response it can feel like a deliberate rejection. However, just like you they are probably wading through a ton a mail or have a spam filter working overtime on the wrong […]

Today’s Tip: Take The Free Help

There are a lot of questions that come with running a business. Many entrepreneurs have groups for networking (find a 1 Millions Cups chapter) and mentors (see SCORE) that can help you connect with the right people who can answer your questions. I recently learned how many resources my local library offers for FREE to […]

Todays Tip: Tell It

Remember how easy it was in grade school to tell another kid that your friend liked them but impossible for you to do for yourself? As grown entrepreneurs it’s usually much easier talking about how great your friend’s business is but not so easy when we are talking about our own business. Tell people about […]

Today’s Tip: Say Nice Things and Mean It

A large percentage of us are guilty of saying things to ourselves that we wouldn’t dare say to a friend. We wouldn’t say it or mean it. So why do we smack talk ourselves so badly? It’s a terrible habit and time to do better. When you start saying mean things about how you handled […]

Today’s Tip: Business and Boundaries

A recent topic of discussion among a group of entrepreneurs was about boundaries. Boundaries between the business owner and clients varied from sticking to work hours to when to reply to messages. It was clear that boundaries were different for each entrepreneur and varied to the line of business they were in. When it comes […]

Today’s Tip: Respect Your Time

When I schedule a podcast, I expect the guest to show up. I am very understanding to sudden changes, computer issues, or emergency situations. However, just not showing up is disrespectful and even worse if I allow it. I give grace but if I don’t hear from the guest within 10 minutes of our appointment, […]

Today’s Tip: It Counts

Many of us have been taught that being busy is synonymous with productive and that every minute of the day should be productive. Then, we are under pressure to prove our actions through the course of the day resulted in a productive impact towards success. However, we should be allowed to recognize that sometimes zoning […]

Today’s Tip: Stress Maintenance

To have a productive business and life, stress needs to be managed. To keep inflammation in our bodies low, stress should be low. To recover from a busy day, we need to relax and destress. If we aren’t finding ways to rebuild our mind and body after a day of thinking, working, and creating tears […]

Today’s Tip: Branch Out

Run Radio is dedicated to indie artists, self starters, entrepreneurs and human interest stories. Most to the “Today’s Tip” videos have been dedicated to tips for business owners but I think it’s time to branch out. The tips are going to be for both work and lifestyle because rarely does one occur without some of […]

Today’s Tip: Practice Creativity

Creativity is a soft skill worth practicing. It can help develop innovative solutions to problems. Creativity techniques are seen as a means to an end and are designed to achieve better results.