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New Program: TGC

Daniel’s Higher Octane is out and The God Connection (TGC) is in! Listen Sunday at 9am CT, US to the program. The God Connection (TGC) TGC, is a weekly half- hour Contemporary Christian TALK Ministry Program! It’s uplifting, inspirational, informative and encouraging ! It’s a fresh and updated way of hearing A Christian Bible study, […]

Daniel’s Elevated Top 10

Be sure to catch your favorite Christian songs this Sunday at 9AM (ct) on Daniel’s Elevated Top 10 (DET10) on Run Radio. This weekly Christian Music Countdown Show is fun, informative, uplifting, and encouraging. You’ll hear a fresh and updated spin on today’s Christian music countdown!

PMF on Activity and Diet Changes

On this episode of Physical & Mental Fitness (PMF) Show Amity Farr, Simple Fly Life, talks about the changes she’s made for better health during the pandemic.  Amity Farr on Activity and Diet Changes

Artist Spotlight: C-Worth

C–Worth is an artist on ROUND IV RECORDS. “You’re not worthy but you’re worth it.” C–Worth grew up in Chicago before moving to north-central Arkansas at 16 and finally ended up in Springfield, MO in 1999 when he began studying at MSU. He has two Masters degrees: one in Counseling and one in Ministry. He worked full time in […]