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The Underdog

The purpose of Run Radio is to give a platform, not just a voice, to the mighty underdog. The underdog is not less than, just not usually expected to prevail. The indie authors and musicians who put as much passion into their projects as the creators signed with big publishers deserve a platform to champion […]

Why Run Radio? seeks to give indie artists a platform and let human interest stories be heard. Entrepreneurs share wisdom on Run Radio so self-starters can have a community that understands their needs. wants sponsors who believe in the vision of giving a platform to independent artists and self starters. Run Radio is accepting station sponsors, […]

Who Is Run Radio? is internet radio. Listen from your browser, discover indie artists, hear human interest stories and download the podcasts when you miss a live episode. Internet radio is able to bring you music and features that you can’t find on you typical Top 40 station. We love those too but if you want different, good […]

New Program: TGC

Daniel’s Higher Octane is out and The God Connection (TGC) is in! Listen Sunday at 9am CT, US to the program. The God Connection (TGC) TGC, is a weekly half- hour Contemporary Christian TALK Ministry Program! It’s uplifting, inspirational, informative and encouraging ! It’s a fresh and updated way of hearing A Christian Bible study, […]

Tell Me More | Positive Masculinity with Mac McGregor

Listen to Tell Me More with Mac McGregor.  Hear the interview Tuesday & Thursday (10/11, 10/13, 10/18, 10/20) at 10am ct US when you click LISTEN LIVE at or listen on the Run Radio app! A first look of the video is available now for supporters! You can subscribe today or make a one time donation and help Run […]

Today’s Tip: Don’t Wait, Create

For way to long most creators wait for a big name publisher or label to come along and grant them with the title of “author” or “singer” or “artist” and so on. Don’t wait for permission to be what you want to be. If you want to be a writer, write. If you long to […]

Do You Measure Up?

Many runners check their weight before and after a race to monitor dehydration. It’s been shown that people who run marathons finish the race about a half-inch shorter than they started.  It’s just the temporary effect of your back muscles tensing up over the course of the race.

The Twisted Podcast: Plotline Film

A special chat with Jim Bultas of Plotline. Plotline is a school dedicated to teaching storytelling through film. Jim Bultas talks about Plotline Check out The Twisted Podcast archives for more shows.

PMF Show on Relationships

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Relationships take work from every party involved. Amity Farr, Simple Fly Life, shares some of her tips for nurturing and harvesting great friendships and healthy work connections. PMS Show on Relationships