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The purpose of Run Radio is to give a platform, not just a voice, to the mighty underdog. The underdog is not less than, just not usually expected to prevail. The indie authors and musicians who put as much passion into their projects as the creators signed with big publishers deserve a platform to champion their work. Run Radio is that place for the underdog to be in the spotlight. Yes, there are streaming services but having a place that is meant for a variety of independents to be seen and heard is important. Run Radio goes beyond the indie artists and highlights the human interest stories that need to be told and heard also. Run Radio reaches out to the quiet underdog who’s story has yet to be shared. Many of my personal stories are shared at when it comes to my journey with a chronic condition. However, as I’ve been writing and sharing about my experience I realize how much these stories also need a platform like I’ve always felt like an underdog and many people with chronic conditions feel invisible, much like independent creators who don’t feel seen on the same level as the creators with the big budgets to back their projects. So, in an effort to continue to create visibility to the seemingly invisible, Run Radio will be highlighting more Chronic CANdition episodes. 😉 My journey, your stories, the perspective from family and friends, doctors, professionals helping the chronic community, and more will be shared so there is a better understanding of what it means to be living with a chronic condition. Please connect with me if you, or someone you know, has a chronic story to share. Come one underdog, come all underdogs, let’s move to the front of the pack.