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Even when you try to be smart about what you post, often someone deviant is trying to dig into your private details. If you’re trying to blackout a screenshot that contains personal information, like as your address or credit card number, it’s ’s a wonderful idea, but there’s a better way to go about it.  Using tools that pixelate, blur, or use other effects like swirls to hide your information, it might tempt rangers into trying to see what’s been redacted, and it’s quite easy to do so than most people realize. No thanks to a new tool called Unredacter.

It’s a free tool available on GitHub for anyone to use and it can an easily reveal text hidden using crude effects such as pixelation. The safest way to cover your private information is by using solid color blocks. Another option, you can pile a bunch of emoji on sensitive information. This is safe as long as you’re thorough and do not to let any part of the text be revealed.