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One Sole Purpose is taking steps to ensure your safety as you come and run with their event. They understand there are many different opinions on the situation, but it is their goal to provide an atmosphere where everyone feels safe. Therefore, they are instituting the following steps:

•All activities will be held outside. They have a really, really big parking lot so spread out and practice social distancing.

•Start times will be staggered. The 10K Runners will start first at 8:00am. Depending upon the number of 10K Runners they may have two or three waves which will be determined by bib numbers. Then they will have the 5K Runners start immediately after that. 5K Runners will start in waves based on bib numbers. Then walkers will be allowed to start. They will provide more detailed info on the start times in the race guide which will be emailed to everyone a couple of days before the race. Just know they are going to stagger times, but the goal will be to have everyone moving by 8:15am.

•All volunteers will be wearing masks (Food stations, aid stations, etc.) Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask when social distancing isn’t possible. Bring your mask just in case you need it!

•Aid stations will have water available, but volunteers will not be handing anything out. They will keep cups filled on the tables and runners will be responsible for picking up their own drink cups if they want something. They encourage runners to try and toss empty cups into the provided trash bins when possible. They understand some runners are aiming for PR’s and do not have time to slow down. Toss your cups and volunteers will pick them up in those cases.

•Porta potties will be available outside. Indoor restrooms will most likely not be available this year. Plan your needs accordingly.

•Sanitizer stations will be available in various locations as well as bottles of hand sanitizer.

•Packet pickup will most likely be held outside in some fashion as well (if possible.) Bring a mask just in case they end up with packet pickup inside. You will be required to mask-up if inside.

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