Thursday, September 28, 2023

New Alicia Keys Song ‘Perfect Way to Die’ Performed at BET Awards

The 2020 BET Awards carried on in quarantine style with Alicia Keys performing “Perfect Way to Die” honoring George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other Blacks lives cut short.

Vogue interviewed Keys earlier this month and she stated, shortly after releasing the single, “I wish it didn’t have to exist. It was written in reflection of (the deaths of) Michael Brown and Sandra Bland and it was written a little while ago, but right now is the time to share it.”

Later on Instagram Keys posted just a day before that interview, she noted that the title of the track, which will be featured on her upcoming album, “Alicia,” doesn’t make sense because “there is NO perfect way to die.” She closed by reminding us to, “…NEVER stop fighting for justice.”