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Media is changing more than ever these days but it’s getting an extra measure of morphing right now. With shelter-in-place keeping so many people at home, they’re turning to streaming for their entertainment needs. It’s a great time to have so many resources available when it comes to what we want to watch and listen to. With COVID-19 keeping us confined and searching our streams, what is it that’s in demand? Anything chill seems to be popular.

Streaming services have seen an increase demand for relaxing, low-energy songs to add to their playlists. This is happening globally, too. Mellow, slow indie, coffee shop style music is in high demand right now. Dance mixes are down and kids tunes are up. This supports that people are looking for a calm to this COVID storm and the universal language of music is here to help now more and easier than ever. It might be a tough and volatile time but the constant of music is here to ease our minds.