Unb Cae Collective Agreement

6. Applicants can send the collective agreement between the University of New Brunswick and the Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers – Contract Academic Employees (Group 2) at the following link www.unb.ca/hr/_resources/pdf/agreements/caecollectiveagreemen20162020final1.pdf To access the various collective agreements, please use the links on the right. If you have any questions about the collective agreement and are a faculty member at Fanshawe College, please contact us. Here you will find a PDF version of your current collective agreement: Academic Collective Agreement 2017-2021. Template for the offer of a teaching contract of a published course for a holder of a right of pre-emption (ROFR) or a professor without ROFR NOTE: Course offers are subject to budget approval Printed copies of the 2017-2021 Academic Employees Collective Agreement have been distributed to all current full-time faculties. Fanshawe will provide a copy to the partial faculties at the beginning of his next contract. 3. The CAE contract obliges the Contract Academic Instructor to follow the course from start to finish, including the monitoring and evaluation of the audit. Laptop (Section 28). A laptop for the exclusive use of an EAC may be made available from a fund established in Section 28. To qualify, a CAE must have at least one MYA and at least one RoFR in another field.

The laptop/laptop remains the property of the university. Please read the article for more details. Full-time teachers can refer to our FAQ. The remuneration grid can be found in Article 14. Full-time teachers shall be subject to the provisions of Article 11. 5. Course offers shall be subject to budget approval and may be subject to minimum enrolment. 7. The evaluation committee requests formal and complete applications from our secondments. Partial applications complicate the work of the commission and slow down the selection procedure. Incomplete applications are not considered. The University of New Brunswick has had a long-standing positive relationship with various labour groups on every campus for well over 30 years.

Mutual respect and the emphasis on establishing a positive learning and working environment are of the utmost importance in this regard. 4. Candidates who are PhD students can be provided with the part-time employment form with sections 1 and 2 completed of your application file. 2. For each application, please attach a cover letter, an updated CV and, if applicable, the results of the teaching evaluation. Exemption from tuition fees (Article 24). Tuition is available for CAes who hold a RoFR and forego teaching for a 6-hour course or equivalent course over a one-year period. This exemption is transferable to a spouse or dependent child as long as they participate in a full-time program at UNB. Evaluation of the right of pre-emption (RoFR) (Article 19) and multiannual appointments (MYA) (Article 20). Some benefits granted by ca are only available to CAs who have followed the assessment procedure (Article 19) and who have obtained a right of pre-emption or a multi-year appointment for one or more courses.

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