Managed Entry Agreements Netherlands

Financial agreements are used in at least two-thirds of OECD countries and EU Member States. Many of these countries also use performance-based agreements that condition coverage, payments to companies, or discounts paid by companies on product performance, but these MEAs are less prevalent. With the support of the European Commission, the OECD has reviewed countries` experience so far with ITA on a performance basis to identify best practices and ways to improve the use of these agreements in the future. Ferrario, A., and Kanavos, P. (2015). Managing uncertainty and high prices of new medicines: a comparative analysis of the use of entry-into-hand agreements in Belgium, England, the Netherlands and Sweden. Ploughshare. Sci. Med. 124, 39-47 doi: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2014.11.003 Note: This taxonomy is based solely on the structure of the agreements. .

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