Karmic Agreements

To get a better idea of what a karmic relationship is, how it manifests, and what you can do to get away from one, keep reading to see what the experts have to say. Carrie Mead, LCPC, a licensed psychotherapist and certified life counselor, says the purpose of a karmic relationship is to move the soul forward in this life. Until then, we are bound by karmic treatises, relationships, negative karma, good karma and lessons to purify our consciousness until our soul completes its journey. Once the common negative karma and the soul`s treaty have been resolved, both souls will be able to close the chapter and continue. This process of energetic completion of the relationship also helps to keep the learning experience intact. And that`s very important. After all, there were many positive and beautiful moments, and there were experiences that gave rise to sometimes harsh lessons that needed to be learned. After such a final process, souls can move their energy, and normally they increase their frequency. This is about addressing the causes and not treating the symptoms. Clarify the soul contract and common negative karma. For the supreme good of both souls. In love and acceptance. And this is the key to completing a karmic relationship.