Bmw Warranty Agreement

Depending on how you drive, BMW`s advanced service contracts may not provide the right coverage for your needs. A third-party warranty from one of our top picks can offer more flexibility in coverage, both for miles and years. BMW: The bmw factory warranty for new cars also comes with unlimited-mileage troubleshooting, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the first four years. There is also the BMW TeleService in your vehicle, which effectively signals bmw if it needs to be serviced. Another option is to purchase your BMW extended warranty from a third party. We advise you to always look for BMW`s advanced warranty coverage and decide if it`s right for you. Also, you should look for a warranty company that gives their credit card to the BMW dealer over the phone, instead of paying the bill first and following it next. For each of these three steps, you can extend the initial warranty period by 1, 2 or 3 years and choose between 75,000 or 100,000 miles for each duration. As with extended warranties of other car brands, these mileage conditions are the sum of the factory`s initial warranty and what you actually buy. For example, if you choose 5 years/75,000 miles, you will receive an additional 1 year/25,000 miles. If you opt for a term of 7 years / 100,000 miles, really add 3 years / 50,000 miles of coverage. Regardless of the extended BMW warranty plan or duration of your choice, you get 24-hour troubleshooting and pay a US$50 deductible for all covered repairs.

All repairs must be performed by an authorized BMW dealer to be covered by the extended warranty. FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS, BMW has been called The Ultimate Driving Machine® and its range of sports sedans, convertibles, SUVs and “M” has long been living up to this mantra. If BMW`s new car warranty is strong, it probably doesn`t deserve the “ultimate” label. This is a reason to consider BMW`s advanced warranty or an extended third-party warranty to create additional security. On the other hand, with a third-party warranty, you could have covered repairs at more than 30,000 repair facilities across the country and got trip interruption coverage. Here is a brief comparison between BMW extended Service Contracts and our most recommended suppliers: Endurance, CarShield and CARCHEX. Note that you can purchase extended coverage from each of these suppliers even after BMW`s original factory warranty expires. CARCHEX: In order for a service plan to qualify as a warranty, it must come directly from the manufacturer. This means that everything known as BMW warranty renewal should be sold and produced by BMW. But BMW does not call its product as such, but as “BMW Extended Vehicle Protection”. While there are many companies that offer protection plans in competition with an extended BMW warranty, CARCHEX is the competitive leader in offering our customers affordable and reliable plans that meet their specific needs. See how CARCHEX can perform compared to other auto warranty companies.