Australian Rugby Collective Bargaining Agreement

Rugby Australia, the Rugby Union Players Association (RUPA) and australia`s four super rugby teams have put in place a collective agreement that will compensate for remuneration between male and female athletes. The most important development of the new agreement is equal pay for the seven men and women and super rugby debutants. “The new [collective agreement] is the first of its kind to encompass all professional programs, including our sevens teams and the Wallaroos, and focuses on key issues of equal pay and player well-being.” “All players strive to win rugby matches, whether it`s Rugby World Cup finals, gold medals, super rugby or NRC or back with their best rugby clubs, and this obligation now includes players who make a direct investment of US£250,000 (£144,115) in benefit and welfare services each year.” The Rugby Union Players` Association (RUPA) is the representative of rugby union professionals in Australia. It was created in October 1995 in response to the professionalism of rugby. [1] The agreement also guarantees an NRC presence in Western Australia until the end of the broadcast contract.