Alc Ogc Delegation Agreement

Description: Provides an overview of the assistance provided to farmers and farmland owners through the B.C. Land Matching Program, as well as a basis for land lease, legal considerations, and the establishment and maintenance of stable land agreements that are beneficial to both parties. This webinar is aimed at farmers of all types and sizes of production who wish to base or develop their agricultural activities on leased land, as well as farmers wishing to make their land available to agriculture. Earlier this year, LAC signed a “delegation agreement” with BC OGC, which gives the Agency limited authority to authorize the non-agricultural use of agricultural land. According to Mr. Pimm, the BC OGC would become the primary authority to decide whether farmland outside the Okanagan and Southwest region could be removed for industrial use. Description: Ministry programs that help food processors improve their business capacity, achieve efficiencies and increase revenue. Topics covered include Grow BC, feed BC, Buy BC-Strategy, the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), an overview of the department`s programs/initiatives, and LEAN success stories for food processors. Moderator: Josh Andrews, Nutrient Management Agrologist at the BC Ministry of Agriculture Description: Knowing the chemical, physical and biological components of a soil and how they interact with each other is the key to creating a healthy soil environment for productive plant growth. The webinar will show agricultural soil management practices, including the interpretation of a soil test. Description: This on-farm food safety webinar explains GAP certification to draw producers` attention to the CanadaGAP program and what certification entails.

Moderator: Kristen Kirby (Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Inspection Specialist – Fish), Brian Barker (BC Ministry of Agriculture, Fish Inspector), Darah Gibson (BC Ministry of Agriculture, Industry Specialist – Marine Fisheries and Seafood) and Eliane Verret-Fournier (BC Ministry of Agriculture, Manager Market Development) Biography: Lindsay`s Marketing Director is the girl who has energy. He`s someone who`s heard all his life, “You`ve got too many things on the road!” The fault of the addiction to coffee or beyonce, but to see her stay still, it`s as rare as finding a yeti in the last line of Rihanna`s fashion. For Lindsay, eating has become a solution to so many things: activism, community connections, and even the mind to be clarified. It is now a personal statement of their values and beliefs. . Biography: Wanda Gorsuch has been working for BCFIRB and BC`s regulated sales advisors since 2011. Prior to that, in the “other half” of agriculture, she worked as a contractor on projects such as the BC Environmental Farm Plan Biodiversity Guide and the TLC Guide to Farmland Access Agreements. . Biography: Brett`s research and teaching deal with the history and interdisciplinary exploration of democracy, social movements and co-operatives in Canada and around the world. Historically, only 5% of British Columbia`s land is included in the agricultural reserve. Much of BC is mountainous.

The largest blocks of land are concentrated around the Fraser, Kootenay, Columbia, Skeena and Peace River basins. Although this is only 5% of all land, there is still a lot of arable land. 4,621,699 hectares. 2. The interior extends from the dry pastures of the Nicola Valley to the rainforests of Bella Bella on the Central Coast….