Telecoms Network Framework Agreement

Use our frameworks for all your communication and technology requirements, including voice and data connections, mobile, unified communications and security. This package is intended to provide stand-alone cybersecurity solutions (including hardware, software and services) with technologies currently available and those that will be developed over the life of the framework. These may be required to be provided “as a service,” managed or not managed by the supplier, and the customer will indicate this at the time of the consultation. Through our wide range of framework agreements, we are able to offer a number of services across the public sector, allowing our customers to buy faster through a simplified framework agreement, thereby reducing time and costs. This package is intended to provide WAN (Wide Area Network) and data connectivity services that currently use available technologies and will grow over the life of the framework. A framework for the provision of telecommunications services and networks on 13 lots. In the context, there are two different purchasing options: a catalogue of direct prices and another competition for more complex customer needs. The Information Management and Technology Framework (IM-T) managed by the London Procurement Partnership (LPP) offers two purchasing options and includes end-to-end information management and technology (including information management services). The scope of the framework covers purchases of jisc, higher education institutions, continuing education institutions, specialist colleges and research councils in the UK, as well as other institutions whose main objective is to further support or promote higher education or research. YPO is looking for OEMs to enter into a framework agreement for the provision of network and telecommunications connectivity products and solutions. The framework is designed to meet the needs of all public sector organizations, including YPO`s internal requirements, by concluding an agreement in which the end customer directly provides “contractual” orders to the final customer and the supplier, on an agreed basis, directly to the end customer. Note: All NHS organizations must purchase HSCN connectivity services through HSCN (Health and Social Care Network) compliant providers for this agreement.