Sbcc Ucsb Transfer Agreement

The SBCC Honors Program offers the opportunity to develop the capabilities of critical thinking, exhibiting and argumentative writing and effective oral communication. Combined with the excellent academic majors of the SBCC, the Honors Program offers the strongest preparation for seamless transfer to public and private universities and colleges. Almost all Honors program courses meet the requirements of general education, the IGETC and universities, and students who complete the Honors program receive our Certified Honor Program Certificate. Transfer students are not required to participate in the TAG to be considered eligible. Non-TAG students (students who are not eligible or who have not completed a GAD) can continue to be admitted to university and are controlled by the general transfer entry pool. You must also apply for UC approval during the corresponding filing period. The requirements described here are the minimum academic standards that students must meet in order to be admitted to university. Compliance with minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission to a particular campus. Campus admission and the choice program often require students to meet more stringent transfer selection criteria. The paths described above are for the people of California.

The requirements for non-residents are the same as for California residents, but the minimum GPA in all transferable college courses is 2.8. For more information, please contact the accreditation service at one of the university campuses. Higher secondary education courses must be taught at a 4-year university. If you are hoping to transfer study work from top to bottom of another university, talk to your department advisor and an advisor at the College of Letters and Science Advising Office. Make sure that the courses you want to take are actually graduate. You can check this by checking the other university`s catalogue. 1. 60 semesters (90 quarters) transferable university credits with an MPA of at least 2.4. It is permissible not to take more than 14 semesters (21 quarters) of pass/not pass unit. The criteria vary depending on the university or university of four years, but in all cases, a UC TAG is only available for students directly transferred by a College of the Community of California for a DAY, including international students (with a visa). The University of California defines a CCC transfer student as having completed more than half of his units in a CCC. All UC TAG campuses require students to meet this definition.