Reciprocal Health Agreement Canada

Medical expenses known as “additional benefits,” including prescription drugs and land/air ambulance services that your province/territory may cover as part of their health insurance plan, are generally not available to residents outside their home province or territory. When it comes to travelling outside your home province and especially outside of Canada, it`s a smart idea to have alternative health insurance coverage. While your province reimburses you for some of the emergency care in another country, you only pay the standard price of care in your province. This is generally very different from what hospitals calculate in other countries and you will be responsible for the difference. In most cases, you are also responsible for ambulances and other transportation costs; including transportation to other care, if necessary. It can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. The provinces and territories have considerable flexibility in deciding how to fund health insurance plans. Funding can be made through the payment of premiums (as in British Columbia), payroll taxes, sales taxes, other provincial or territorial income, or a combination of methods. Health insurance premiums are allowed as long as residents are denied coverage for necessary hospital and medical care because they are not able to pay such premiums. Provinces/territories that collect premiums also offer income-based financial assistance, so low-income residents can reduce their payments or be totally exempt from payment. AHCIP does not cover food, travel, accommodation or any other cost of obtaining health services outside Alberta. besides.

B, the provision of “additional services” (e.g., prescription drugs, ground rescue services and air rescue services) that may include provinces and territories in their respective health insurance plans are generally not transferable outside the province of origin or region concerned. Most private insurance companies offer cooling costs for ambulance services, prescription drugs and other additional benefits outside the province of origin. Therefore, you can purchase private insurance for these services before you leave your home country to ensure adequate coverage. Below is a list of standard hospital services that are covered by mutual billing agreements: physicians outside Alberta are removed from their own health plan for the insurance that will be provided to you when you present your valid Alberta personal health card. Doctors outside Alberta are not required to charge each other and may choose to charge you directly for their services. Therefore, staying in a province or territory is the basic requirement for health insurance coverage in the province and in the territory.