Novel The Agreement Marsha

“Listen to me, you can have a lover when our agreement is over.” William said unequivocally. “Are you sure that won`t happen? You live on a roof, then a bedroom, can`t that happen? “Karin asked. William, I`d like to ask you a question,” Marsha said after the acquittal. “Back in the room, I have another job and later I have to go to the store,” load dave “CK! I`m not a child anymore. I can choose what is good and what is bad,” Marsha replied. Marsha is forced to leave Indonesia because Mario wants to open a business in Canada. Mario is a successful real estate entrepreneur. While Clara, the mother, often helped Mario`s company. “What if I am a widow? We will not have a relationship between a man and a woman, it is already in the agreement. We are also forbidden to touch ,” said Marsha with a smile on her face. Marsha,” shouts a woman`s voice in Marsha`s name. To make Marsha, who was seated, turned to the source of the AD sound. Marsha smiles finely when she sees a female character rise up to her, “Karin?” greets Marsha. Marsha`s fight.

“It`s you!” “No, I`ll tell you anyway. So you have to shut up, don`t let yourself talk,” Marsha recalls. I looked at the file hesitantly, and then Mr. Ivanno said, “If you don`t book it, we won`t get paid,” “Never be Marsha, our friends need to know how you are. You`re not a girl like that,” says Karin, who wanted to calm Marsha down. “I think you`d better keep going, you haven`t even met this guy, have you?” Karin frowns, then looks at Marsha`s parenthesis. “What are you doing? Do you have a problem? « . « The son of the owner of the Geovan Group,” Marsha replied with a heavy blast. Marsha never knew William, the son of his father`s best friend. Because his father said William had just moved from Italy to Canada.

Either you have to be lucky or unlucky, because Marsha doesn`t care about the wealth of a William Geovan. “What about your presentation?” asked Karin in silence. He visibly saw Marsha`s face, which looked so dark. Marsha Nicholas was a very beautiful and funny girl. Marsha is a major businessman at one of the top universities in Toronto, Canada. On campus, Marsha is very famous, even many men who admire Marsha. Marsha has a very ideal body, her body is thin and her skin is white. “I can be crazy with you Marsha! Are you interested in William? “,” cried Karin. He couldn`t believe what Marsha said.

I just nodded with my head, at least even though I feel sick, but I still have friends who love me, I should be grateful and not complain too much because my love has not been rendered, Ello should not be nice to me.