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This company send me an SMS telling me that my request for moving my number has been received and they will work on it. But I never made such request. I have never in my life heard of this company, until I receive this SMS. I call my current phone company and I also called them and they aren’t able to tell me what to do. They totally violate my rights to choose as I never give approval, I never signed anything. I don’t even have a contract or so. I will for sure go to a lawyer because I think that this kind of data should be protected (my name, my phone number) and not misused by any company. Leider ist das bei Blau ziemlich unübersichtlich. Schau mal die Unterlagen durch und auch, was Dir auf angezeigt wird.

Ich zahle zur Mitte des Monats für meinen Blau Tarif 1,49€ und dann 12,50€ zum Ende des Monats Ratenzahlung auf das Pixel 3a. So komme ich insgesamt auf die Grundgebühr von 13,99€, ist also korrekt, aber leider verwirrend. Unsere Smartphone Deals mit Handyvertrag bieten immer wieder Modelle der beliebtesten Marken zum kleinen Preis. Von Android bis iPhone findet jeder das richtige in unserem Online-Shop – egal ob Samsung, Apple oder Huawei Handys. Und der passende Tarif ist automatisch inklusive, z. B. mit Allnet Flat und LTE inklusive großem Highspeed-Volumen für mobiles Internet. Disappointing lack of customer serviceI was a blau customer for quite some time, then I cancelled the contract to move to another provider.

As I had a rolling monthly contract, I arranged to have a new contract for the end of the month that I paid for. Unfortunately, as soon as I cancelled with blau, they cut off service. A day or two before the end would have been fine, but it was done one week into the period that I had paid for. No refund for that time was offered, so I`m bitterly disappointed. Worst company ever !! It`s expensive, very bad Kundenservice, impossible to reach them, they charge a lot of money when you leave the contract. Don`t go with Blau !!! The key brands and blauworld were continued. [2] I`ve been a pre-paid subscriber to Blau for over 1 year now and I decided to get a new phone, so I went to their website to buy a 24 month subscription and a phone. They rejected my phone request (it was iPhone SE), but said that they will give me the 24 month subscription, that I only wanted with the phone. I immediately canceled, sent them two emails as per the cancellation instructions and they never replied. After that, they sent me an email letting me know that they are sending my SIM via post. Now I sent them a FAX and will send them a mail by post as well. In addition to this, their services are bad.

Customer support is horrible and unhelpful. They just hang up on you. Their mobile service is also excruciatingly painful. I only get 3G tops and most of the time it`s very slow and doesn`t work consistently. The only reason I`ve been a customer of theirs is because I used to have Simyo and they got bought by Blau. Seinen Ursprung hat die Marke Blau im Unternehmen Blau Mobilfunk GmbH, das im Jahr 2005 von Thorsten Rehling, Martin Ostermayer und Dirk Freyse in Hamburg gegründet wurde. Der Anbieter etablierte sich als Discounter für Mobilfunkservices, der von der Kooperation mit E-Plus profitierte. Das ursprüngliche Kerngeschäft waren SIM- und Prepaidkarten. Mittlerweile gehören verschiedene Handytarife und Flatrates fest zum Portfolio.

2015 wurde die Blau Mobilfunk GmbH mit Telefónica Germany verschmolzen, einem der führenden Mobilfunkanbieter in Deutschland. Seitdem existiert das ehemalige Unternehmen Blau als Marke für mobile Telekommunikation weiter. I was not able to cancel the contract. They told they will and never did so. It`s really challenging to reach out to them.